Ask A Beggar The Way to Become Rich

27-February, 2019

Description:"Everyone calls me alchemist, " said the alchemist. "But a few years ago, everyone called me a beggar." Johnson eventually met the alchemist. "Why he looks much older than his age a lot." This question appeared in Johnson's mind. He remembered, the alchemist was about 60, but now, he looked like 80.



25-February, 2019

Description:The belief is like a train which takes you to various destination. A good belief takes you to a pleasant destination. An evil belief takes you to hell (Fiction)


Let AI Take Boring Jobs, Humans Take Challenging Jobs

23-February, 2019

Description:AI and other kinds of advanced technology are taking over existing jobs, it is the fact. Employees will probably notice a significant impact in 3 years. What should we do for responding to the evolving technology? Don't expect your employer who will give you the training to fit the changing environment. This expectation isn't down-to-earth. Generally, we need to learn new knowledge and skills ourselves actively and strengthen Mathematics. So, we can take challenging jobs.


The Girl And Zombies

15-February, 2019

Description:I just saw a pretty girl who was standing under a street light on the opposite walkway. The dusky street was instantly brightened up by her charming look. A bald head man in a pub was also looking at that pretty girl with a lustful glance. When humans had lost their humanity, they would have become zombies. How horrible humans were!


What topics should I write about

13-February, 2019

Description:What topics should I write about? This question I ask myself once a day. I built It wasn't tough to work on the parts of programming and layout design. Writing the content that was a real challenge. The main purpose for me to build is for monetising. I hope this website which can bring me the second income. Therefore, I read books about writing, social network marketing and so on. I found these books are not helpful, because they teach how to write but not what to write. If I don't even know what to write, the SEO and social network marketing turn into useless. There is no anyone can tell what should you write about, it is a responsibility for a writer to explore. Fortunately, I know what topics should I focus on now.