Owl Adam Diary

I hate my school - Chapter 1


Description:I hate schooling, it is meaningless for me to study those subjects which I never use in my daily life. Everyone possesses a bachelor degree, bachelor degrees become invaluable.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside Novel)

In the sun-shin morning, I was sitting in the bus going to my school. The bus was full, totally no any free seats at all. Many passengers were standing on the lower deck. When you took a glance at them, they were like hugging one another. 

Sitting passengers' shoulders were touching one another. Every passenger was as if in love with someone next to him/her. This full of love scene happened every morning on the bus. 

Physically, passengers were so close together. However, everyone was existing in one's own world. They all were heading down to do something with their smartphones. One smartphone was one world, everyone was isolated and no trespass was allowed.

I forgot to introduce myself.  I am Owl Adam, a high school student, I am 14 year-old, but I am smarter than adults. I have got extraordinary memory. I can go through a 700-page textbook, memorise and understand all concepts in two hours. My first name is Owl. I bet you are unable to guess my gender, Thus, I should declare that. I am a male who likes computer programming and technology. Reading novels is also my habit.

I am now writing my school life diary to record everything happened at school. I've found my school is quite strange, I know, some horrible thing is happening. Therefore, I give my diary a name, that is A Horrible stuff Is Deep Down Inside.

I hate schooling, it is meaningless for me to study those subjects which I never use in my daily life. My best friend, Daisy, said that foundation courses give us a set of essential knowledge so that we can learn high level knowledge at university. She must forget the fact, that is only top students in this city can enrol into universities successfully. Those students in middle and low grades are ineligible to apply any universities. So, what is the reason for them to study these subjects which they will never use, even in their daily life? 

Oops! The school bell is ringing, the gates are closing, I forgot to go inside my school.

The school janitor is closing the pair of gates faster than usual while I am rushing to enter the school. There is barely 4-footstep between me and the gates. How can a janitor be able to close the heavy gates in such high speed? What I can do is to jump for trying to pass the gate gap. I see the the gap is getting narrower and narrower. 

I still remember, Haruki Murakami mentioned a schoolgirl was killed by a pair of heavy gates in Japan. I will probably be another student killed in the same kind of tragic incidents. "Bang~!" I crashed into the gates! I injured my head seriously!

I guess, I was in a coma for a while. When I have just recovered my consciousness, I saw a pair of beautiful legs. I looked upward a bit, a pair of underwear female pants got into my eyes. 

A crowd of schoolmates is surrounding me, that girl is standing close to my head so that I can see hers clearly. This should be a reward of crashed into the gates.

I don't hear any gossips about my silly accident, but loud laughing sounds instead. No anyone cares of me, although I am still lying on the ground.

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