Owl Adam Diary

Teachers Are Barbarians Who Like Punishing Top Students - Chapter 2


Description:The silly teacher insisted to wake me up, even I didn't fall asleep. The silly teacher blamed me for my examination result because I got 90 marks. He was proud of another student who got 40. All teachers in my school were silly. Why they deserved to have high salaries?

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

I like sitting in a moving bus rather than sitting in a boring classroom. Every lesson is futile for me. Teachers merely speak out the content of a chapter in a textbook. They all are speaking machines. I wonder why they deserve to earn high salaries? Speaking out the content loudly don't risk their lives, it is an easy job. What is the point for them to earn high salaries? 

I think, you still don't understand why I hate my school teachers so much. Last time, the Geography teacher punished me because I got 90 out of 100 marks in the examination.

"Adam! Wake up!" The silly Geography teacher yelled at me.

"I'm not sleeping, sir!" 

"I don't care whether you are sleeping or not, you have to wake up!"

"Sir, if you really insist to wake me up, please give me a few minutes to fall asleep first."

"Adam! Do you think it's funny! You have got a very bad Geography exam result, you know!"

"Are you kidding me, Sir? It's impossible for me."

"You know, everyone in my class has got a significant improvement. Their marks are increased by 10% in average." The teacher is staring at me furiously, "only you...you, decreased by 10%!"

"Sir, you know, sometimes percentage is misleading!" I started arguing with him, "Last time, I got full mark! My result decreased by 10%, I still have 90 marks! How can you blame a student who got 90 marks! I'm sure 90 is the highest mark."

"I don't care! I declared before, I would reward students who have a significant improvement and punish those students who have no improvement. Shame on you!"

"How can I get better as I got full mark last time?"

"I don't care! Detention class after school!"

See! The teachers here all are barbarians.

I was furious when I saw the barbarian's smiley face and said, "Tommy, well done! Your mark is increased by 20%. I am proud of you, you have got 40! Keep on!"

"What! 40 marks?" I shouted in my heart silently. 

The idiot barbarian was proud of him, but shame on me? How unfair it was! Tommy got 40 marks, increased by 20%. 40 divided by 120, this means, Tommy got approximately 33 marks last time, only increased by 7 marks!

Now, you should understand why I hate this school much.

I am now in grade 9, I still have few years to go with this damn school. 

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