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A Prison or A School - Chapter 3


Description:Does the god want to train me up to be a keen observer in this cruel way. No anyone came to help me while I was being fought by 2 big guys. I could only keep far away from others, admiring them to have happiness. This was my fate!

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

I usually plays basketball in recess alone at school. I don't play badminton and table tennis as I don't have any partners.

Something is quite interesting. Once I start to play basketball, I will have two companions, they are two big guys. 

Today, my companions appeared when I just stepped in the basketball court. They shouted at me, "Get Out! You were not allowed to play here!" They attempted to kick me out. I refused. Then, they started to fight me. Of course, I was unable against them. They were taller than me at least one head. I fell down on the ground, they were still stepping and kicking on me. I was creeping out of the court. No any schoolmate reached to help me as usual. 

I felt a powerful guy who had been watching me. Who was that guy? 

I am very disappointed to this school. Is this a school or a prison? Or a school is actually no different from a prison. Authority and violence are weapons to control others. I will die at this school soon.

The principal always says our school is the best school in this city, you can learn how to survive even under extremely bad circumstances. The school is a social microcosm. Right, the principal is quite honest.

I was eventually kicked out of the court. Where could I stay? I felt, I was as though a homeless person. A homeless person should find a shelter to hide oneself. Thus, I went to my shelter, that was the school library. There were some nice window seats for me. I sat down and looked at schoolmates playing happily. They seemed to have no any conflicts with each other. Why can't I be the one of them? 

Observing other people far away isn't my habit. Does the god want to train me up to be a keen observer? I don't love to be a keen observer. If I have a choice, I would like to stay with others.

After all lessons finished! Students and speaking machines rushed to leave the school. There became a nice place. It was about the time for me to attend the detention class.

Oops! I didn't believe my eyes. Daisy was also in the detention class. I went to sit next to her. 

"Why you are here, Daisy?"

"Would you believe me if I say I am here for accompanying you. I don't want you to get bored?"

"Really? I am glad to hear that. You are always my best friend since we were born. How did you know I need to attend detention class?"

"Oh! The smartest guy in the school who asks me for an answer. You are able to figure it out yourself!"

"Daisy, you are right. I know, you couldn't make any improvement in examinations. According to the unreasonable school rules, you are being punished."

Daisy didn't speak anything. So, I continued to say, "I am so sorry to unveil the truth." 

Daisy is also a top student. She gets the first place in the form ranking in every examination. I get the second.

"All subjects are full mark, how can I get one more mark?" said Daisy. "Full mark doesn't give us the fame of top students. Reversely, we have got dooms! Who established this illogical, unfair and ridiculous rule?" She took a deep breath and exhales air out with unpleasant feeling. Daisy seemed to have no anymore energy to deal with any unfair incidents.

The principal encourages teachers to punish students who don't have any improvement. All teachers realise that it is a good and reasonable rule. All teachers believe, the principal is the one who never make mistakes in the world. Teachers don't want to get any troubles, they intend to avoid arguments with the principal. No anyone wants to get fired after pointing out the principal's mistakes. Once the teachers lost their jobs, it is impossible for them to find another one with such high salary.

The classroom door was closing automatically. Meanwhile, a voice was coming out of a speaker which hanged about the roof height on the front wall, "Everyone keeps quiet! Today, we have 6 students attending the detention class. You may leave until 5 if you could open the door. If you can't open it, this means, you have a bad performance during the detention. The end up result is, you have to stay until 6." The announcement was made by a computer system called "Human". Human tried its best to learn from humans, but its voice is still mechanic. 

Generally, no any teachers are in the detention class. Human controls everything. Our performance is judged by Human as well. As I know, 6 sets of camera systems are installed in this classroom for monitoring us. Once there is a fire, Human will sound an alarm, it also contacts the fire department.

What will happen if Human is out of order? We all die!

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