Owl Adam Diary

Daisy, I feel lucky to have you to stay with me - Chapter 4


Description:The sky was dim, I saw an obscured full moon hanging up in the sky. Daisy was gazing at the falling leaves dancing in cool winds. We didn't talk, but I was sure, we were together in the same world.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

It was 5 clock, Daisy and I tried to open the door, leaving the detention class.

Opening the door is just a simple task, we all do it over 10 times a day, but the feeling is totally different if the door may lock you in the detention class for one more hour.

Daisy and I worried so much before did that simple task. If we couldn't open the door, we had to stay until 6pm. It was too late! Our parents didn't know we were attending the detention class. Generally, we have no way to inform our parents. The teachers and all other staff members never call our parents for us in this situation. 

Luckily, we could open it!

Daisy and I walked home together. We both live in the same village not far from the school. Daisy's home is just next to mine. Two individual apartments stand side by side, both of them are separated by a 1.5-meter high fence.

Indeed, the fence doesn't separate Daisy and I. When I was 2-year old, I liked to call Daisy for having a talk from my home garden. Daisy sat at her side and I sat at my side. The fence seemed to be invisible. We could nonstop talk for 2-3 hours. 

Daisy's grandmother didn't like me much. She often scolded me with no reasons. I didn't know what caused her to hate me. Also, Daisy's parents often fooled me by saying something like: 

"Hey! Your mum is calling you, go to see if something happens!"

I went back to my apartment to find my mum, she was watching T.V., there was nothing happened. I rushed back to the fence, Daisy and her dad were gone.

"A theft is stabbing your dad, go to call police!"

I was frightened, "No...no...! Dad, don't die!" I was screaming while rushing to find my dad, my dad was reading newspaper. I searched everywhere in my home, there was no theft. I rushed back to tell Daisy's mum that, however, Daisy and her mum disappeared.

This sort of incidents happened once in a while since I was 2.

I sat at my garden by the fence alone, "What's going on? I am so lonely......" 

No anyone told me why they didn't like me! My parents barely said, "You shouldn't find Daisy anymore as her family don't like." What is the truth? I never know the truth of any incidents. Grown-ups hate the truth.

I was a good boy, I listened to my parents' advise, I didn't call Daisy anymore. I changed to find her secretly by my own way.

Daisy and I were on our midway home. I asked her if she wanted to have some drink. She nodded. So, we went to a deli. I picked 2 bottles of coke and a small bag of crisps. "Students have discounts. Tap your student card on the sensor to get your discount." The old lady said that kindly. 

"No, thank you!" replied I.

I don't like to use my student card outside school. I also dislike to use my student card inside school if I have a choice. 

"That's fine." The old lady seemed to be unhappy.

"$18.5, tap your e-payment card on the device." The old spoke with grating voice.

"I pay in cash," I gave her a $20 note. 

The old lady grabbed the $20 note rudely. She was discourteous. The old lady turned around to do something else. "Excuse me! You haven't returned the change to me yet." I reminded her gently. 

She shouted at me, "Totally $20, no anyone change for you."

"What? You said $18.5"

"No discount for you! $20 is correct!"

Daisy showed her the prices, "You see, $6 for a bottle of coke, $12 for two, plus $6.5 for the crisps. $18.5 is the total."

The old lady showed her evil face in return, "These prices are for e-payment!"

I pulled Daisy out of the deli. I hate arguing, it drains up my energy quickly, and, it is quite time consuming to argue with unreasonable guys. 

Daisy and I sat on the seats at a bus-stop. I took out an opener from my schoolbag, opened a bottled coke, then, gave it to her. We shared the crisps. 

"Why you always carry an opener with you?" asked Daisy with curious voice.

"Because I like drinking bottled soda...hee...hee..." I laughed childishly.

The sky was dim, I saw an obscured full moon hanging up in the sky. Daisy was gazing at the falling leaves dancing in cool winds. We didn't talk, but I was sure, we were together in the same world.

"Daisy, I feel lucky to have you to stay with me." I said.

Daisy smiled sweetly!

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