Owl Adam Diary

The Last Battlefield of A Day - Chapter 5


Description:I had been to many battlefields for a whole day. There was another one waiting for me at home. A ridiculous rule caused a silly teacher to make an unfair decision. An unfair decision caused me to suffer a great pressure. I felt wronged. What did I do wrong? I got 90 out of 100 marks that wasn't bad result! Why did I need to bear an anxiety. I hated my school a lot. "Will it be better if I imitate Gavin's action," thought I

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

My feet were frozen suddenly to keep myself standing still in front of my home's entrance since Daisy had been gone home. I couldn't move even an inch. My gaze stayed on Daisy's home in the fence. When I was a toddler, I always called Daisy like this, "Daisy...Daisy...come to talk with me, I'm so lonely!"

A piece of ageing memory comforted me a bit. I didn't worry to be blamed or scolded by my mum as I did nothing wrong. I just desired to have a peaceful moment. 

I had been to many battlefields  for a whole day. Tired! I was very tired! Unfortunately, there was another battlefield waiting for me ahead. That was my home. A home is supposed to be a most peaceful place. No! It isn't. 40% of conflicts occurs at home. I have never felt the love exists in my home. 

I know my classmate Gavin how to deal with parents. He frequently treats his father and mother as transparent objects. After returned from school, he usually walks straight to his bedroom, then, he closes and locks the door to pretend having a sadness. Indeed, Gavin plays online games and watches online porn videos in his room. Pretending having a sadness is a powerful weapon to gain sympathies, it can really knock down enemies, destroy a life of an innocent and even worse. 

Gavin's mother is nervous to him so much. Gavin doesn't reply any questions from his parents as usual. The mother would interpret his conduct as his poor boy is sad, he can't speak out even one word. Gavin's father is insight into his heart. The father is certainly disappointed on Gavin. Once the father blames him, he doesn't give any feedback or response. He would go to find his mum and say something likes "I hate him a lot! You know, his attitude is so bad! He is rude and outrageous, I don't want to see him forever!" His mum is very clever, she knows what should she do.

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