Owl Adam Diary

Evil Mind - Chapter 6


Description:Gavin would create a conflict, then, he pretends a victim to gain sympathies. Why does a teenager have such evil mindset? He is willing to pay for the unaffordable cost in exchange for unlimited self-satisfaction. Actually, he is incapable to realise the real cost.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

Gavin was a top student, he is now a typical bad student. His father attempted to help him with revisions. Every time, Gavin pretended to be willing to do so. Unfortunately, Gavin must have done something to provoke the father consciously in the midway of revision. The father was angry with Gavin, he ignored his father and went straightly to tell the mother, "Disgusting! He suddenly scolded me. Is he mad, Mum?". His mother immediately went to argue with the father. Gavin creates this kind of conflicts happens once in a while. He uses his mother to knock down the father. Gavin doesn't care about the family relationship, he only cares about his self-satisfaction. His mother is very smart to do stupidest things against the father.

Gavin also told me that you don't need to follow any instructions and requests from your father and mother, just ignore anything from them. Once your parents blame you, you can say, "You have got a bad attitude, I don't like it!" If they scolded you, you should say, "You are rude and outrageous! I hate you forever!" When they are furious and slap your face, just go straight to call police, reporting this incident to school and telling the social worker that they are violent parents, they always scold and mistreat you at home.

I asked Gavin who taught him that? He replied, "I learned from my mother! Hahahaa...hahaha...It's true!" He couldn't stop his laughter at that moment.

Gavin is a horrible guy who possesses an evil mindset. He causes a problem, then pretends a victim, How despicable Gavin is! There is a long story about Gavin and his mother. I will tell you later if I haven't died yet!

For me, there is nothing more important than my parents and Daisy.

I eventually went back home. My mother asked me where did I go? I told her everything happened at the school. She started blaming me. So, I went back to my room to do my homework.

My mother realises I am a rebel teenager, because I also ignore her and go straight to my room, my behaviour seems the same as Gavin, but I am not!

After I had dinner, I went back to my bedroom, lay down in the bed, I couldn't fall asleep, all incidents happened today were embarrassing me.

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