Owl Adam Diary

High-End Device Is Nicer Than Human - Chapter 7


Description:I hate the nearby restaurants which all sell ugly food with expensive prices. I liked the meal ordering machine. It taught me how to order my set lunch. That machine is nicer than humans and the Human-a computer-system.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

It was another school day, I had lunch at school as usual. The nearby restaurants all sell costly ugly food, terrible taste with unpleasant appearances. Those restaurants don't go out of business  because customers have no choice, but they still have a few fans. Their fans would say, "They have heavy workload, they need to pay for expensive rent for their shops! Little boy, you are too mean! You should consider other people's circumstances!" Oh my goodness! I just do NOT want my food to be mixed with drinks or my coke mixed with coffee. I also do NOT want the staff treat me as a prisoner. I pay for my food, not get it for free!

My school's canteen is much better than those nearby restaurants. Besides the silly school rules, speaking-machine-like teachers and those two big guys who always bully me, other parts of my school 
are good. 

Since the new academic year commenced, I have found many new and high-end devices installed, such as the one in front of me for meal ordering. I tried to use this machine few days ago. When I was approaching it, it spoke out "Hello! Owl Adam. How are you doing today?" How did it know my name? It was the first time we met each other! I wondered if I could ask it questions? Anyway, I just tried, "How do you know me?" 

"I know everyone in the school. Don't worry, I will not speak your name and student number if other people are close to you. I promised to keep everyone's privacy in secret." replied that machine. 

The machine was able to talk with me, it taught me the procedure of making an order as well. It's amazing! I like this meal ordering machine more than Human, the computer system which controls everything in the detention class.

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