Owl Adam Diary

Move to Make A Change - Chapter 8


Description:I did a great performance against those two big guys who bullied me. I shouted out MOVE TO MAKE A CHANGE! I wondered, did I destroyed Good Morning? A conventional thing could really be destroyed in such easy way? Actually, it could.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

I purchased my lunch and said good-bye to the device. I needed to wait my set lunch for a while. The canteen staff was busy to make the meal. It didn't take too long.

I picked up my lunch to sit at the window side. The set lunch which had a tomato pasta, a can of coke and a small bowl of salad. I liked the sweet and sour salad sauce much. The taste of the pasta was delicious. The set lunch was cheaper than those nearby restaurants.

Dining at school is good for me to save money for buying computer-programming books. Schoolmates don't like the food offered by the school canteen, they blame the taste is too mild for them.

As I had nothing to do, I went to play basketball. Both of the big guys were approaching me again. 

"I don't play basketball, they don't appear. Once I play, they appear! What the hell!" thought I. "I am unable to knock them down, but I can dodge!" 

One of them was jumping to kick towards me, I moved my body to the left naturally to dodge the kick. That guy fell down on the ground. Another one was punching me, I dodged to the right side so that he couldn't hit me. He didn't give up. He was continuously punching me, I flashed to avoid his punches. We were as if playing a basketball match. Finally, I shot the ball through the hoop scoring 3 points successfully.  The guy climbed up and attempted to give me one more kick. I jumped as high as I could to grab the ball back, by the way to avoid the kick. Then, I shouted out, "MOVE TO MAKE A CHANGE!" The clapping sounds were loud enough to be heard inside and outside the school. I was shocked! I didn't know when the schoolmates were all surrounding the court to watch my performance. I was too hyper at that instant.

The powerful guy was watching me secretly.

After school, Daisy and I walked home as usual. I told her that I won those two big guys today. Daisy didn't surprise, "I watched the show! Everyone knows that." She smiled. "If you have time, you should come to practise Taekwondo with me."

There is no any connection between Taekwondo and basketball. Why did Daisy ask me for practising Taewondo? I couldn't understand at all. There are too many things I am unable to understand. Why? Am I too stupid? No, I don't think so!

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