Owl Adam Diary

Love Is not Really Mean Love - Chapter 9


Description:Changed! Yes, there are a lot of changes. I hate the school because I hate the principal but I had to stand next to him for promoting his new plans. And, the principal assigned me to be the ambassador to support him.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

The following day was wired. That was a Friday morning, a schoolmate said, "Move to Make A Change" to me, I replied the same. Every schoolmate, even teachers and the principal also said that, but no anyone greeted with "Good Morning". "Move to Make A Change" has been instead of "Good Morning"! 

"Have I killed 'Good Morning' unconsciously?" I wondered. No, no, it was impossible to destroy a conventional thing suddenly. "I must be mad!" I thought.

The principal showed up in the morning assembly to make a speech. He usually boasts how famous is our school, how strong his capacity to lead the school to become the top 1 in the city, he's got countless compliments from officials, parents try hard to send their children to the school and so on. That time, the principal behaved differently, he shouted out, "MOVE TO MAKE A CHANGE! You all follow me to say, MOVE TO MAKE A CHANGE!...MOVE TO MAKE A CHANGE!... " He was more excited than I was yesterday. The crying sound was as loud as thundering. No wonder, it was a rally! The whole school went crazy instantly.

"Owl Adam, where are you?" The principal said excitedly. "Come here standing next to me!"

I was shocked! I didn't want to be mocked in front of all schoolmates as a kind of punishment. The principal claimed that he never scolds students. Foolish parents all trust the principal. However, all students know, he likes mocking and insulting us in front of the whole schoolmates and teachers with a kindness smile.

"Owl Adam, come here quickly!"

Meanwhile, my class teacher was pulling me out of the crowd, ''Owl Adam is here..."

I didn't want to go, because I didn't know what was going on, but I had no choice.

"Hurry up, Adam! You are a good student. Don't be shy!" the principal hastened me several  times.

Every footstep was heavy, I spent twice power to move my body to go ahead. I stood next to the principal helplessly. It was a shame for me to stand next to that powerful guy who established a set of stupid rules.

"Adam, you know, you shouted something out of my heart yesterday!" said the principal. "You created a slogan that I lo...ve... so much." He spoke out the love longer than usual. This meant, he liked it. When he says "Love", this means so-so; "Lo...ve..." means he likes; "Lo......ve......" means he truly loves. Maybe, He isn't creative enough to make a better one. Therefore, he stole my slogan. 

There should be a stratagem behind me.

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