Owl Adam Diary

The Principal was Excitedly to Make An Announcement - Chapter 10


Description:My standing posture with my poker face should have been similar to or exactly the same as the guard of the British Queen.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

"MOVE TO MAKE A CHANGE that is what I am managing to do......." The principal seemed to enjoy so much, and I had no any facial expression, my standing posture with my poker face should have been similar to or exactly the same as the guards of  the British Queen. I remembered Gavin said that no response and no action would make parents angry. The same theory, I believed that I was provoking the silly principal with my silence.

The principal cleared his throat, then continuous to speak, "You all will find a lot of changes today after the morning assembly." The principal's body language was like the U.S. president Donald Trump's, "Believe me, trust me, you will have a better life!"

"I am now officially assigning Adam to be the ambassador of the New Change!"

"What? I am the ambassador of the New Change!"

The principal spoke, "Mr. Owl Adam, come to speak something." Then, he clapped hardly. 

My mind was empty, what could I present? I didn't want to be the ambassador to support the silly principal to run out his new silly plan. Although I didn't know what was his plan about, silly guy who could only do harmful things. He used me as a promotional tool to execute his harmful plan. Could I say, "No, I am NOT willing to do so!" I knew the end up result if I dared to say that. Therefore, I could only say, "MOVE TO MAKE A CHANGE!" then clapping to delight him.

All students went back classrooms. A mechanical sound came out from the speaker on the front wall, "MOVE TO MAKE A CHANGE! I am your new history teacher, you can call me Miss. Ai-History' all of my classmates felt strange and curious, no anyone could figure out what happened. 

"The time is tight. Let's start today lesson now. Take out your history book, turn to page 86......" said Miss. Ai-History.

No anyone followed its instruction.

"Take out your history book, turn to page 86..." Miss. Ai-History said that again, "Hurry up! You all shouldn't make me angry!"

Most classmates did it. A few of them refused to do so. "Haa...haa...what can you do on me with you funny voice? Haa...haa..."

Miss Ai-History spoke with mechanical voice, "I have already recorded which students didn't follow my instructions, those students need to attend the Special Training Detention Class."

No anyone felt Miss. Ai-History was angry. Bad students didn't have even a bit nervous, they kept laughing at it. Their laughter was noisy initially, but fading out gradually until no any laughter I could hear. It was as if Miss Ai-History muted their voices. I secretly took a glance at them, they were still laughing. After a while, they disappeared. 

Miss Ai-History said, "Bad students would be isolated !"

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