Owl Adam Diary

Attitudes Can Be Changed by Changing Behaviours


Description:I understand why a soldier cannot enjoy to perform his job in a battlefield, but I really can't understand why studying is as tough as a soldier's job?

Almost all of my schoolmates are lazy to study. They don't enjoy doing revision, they just enjoy to play video games, or just sitting still in the sofa to have a daydream! They feel relaxing is nice but consuming brain power is tough.

I persuaded my close friends to do revision. They normally would reply, "Hey guy! Don't be too arrogant! I know, you can get full mark without studying. We all know, you don't need to remark it in front of us!" It's hurt, you know? I reminded them with my sincerity and just want them to have a significant improvement. I don't understand why they think negatively of me. They don't understand, I also need to do revision. I have a strong memory so that I can finish it in a short time.

Their parents are seldom to force them to study.  Parents generally have a belief that no anyone can be forced to do something if that person isn't willing to do.

"Parents are smart to do stupid things." I don't think it is incorrect!

Not long ago, I visited Gavin's home, we talked anything casually. I told Gavin, "Studying can be fun, you should try to enjoy it!" Gavin's mother heard that, she rushed to say, "Don't fool my lovely son! Studying is tough, everyone knows that and it's the fact! Can you enjoy to do a disgusting work? Gavin always tries his best to get this kind of tough works done well!"

I understand why a soldier cannot enjoy to perform his job in a battlefield, but I really can't understand why studying is as tough as a soldier's job?

Parents deem studying is tough, they instil the same perception to their children. The end up result is that their children dislike studying too, because children have got an incorrect association between studying and tough work.

- Studying links to tough work
- Playing links to joy

What if parents can help children to develop the following association:

- Studying links to a great prospect
- Playing too much links to guilt

in order to change their attitudes.

Of course, the linkages are not easy to develop. 

Indeed, attitudes can be changed by changing behaviours. Are you crazy? Attitudes affect our behaviours, how can you do it reversely?

Initially, parents can try to change their children's behaviours by establish a set of easy-to-achieve rules. For instance, parents can require children to do a half-hour revision before they can play video games. After a long period, their behaviours can be changed once they feel doing revision isn't as tough as they perceived.

Trust it and try it! It works for me well.


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