Owl Adam Diary

What Did Daisy And I Do at The Night of Christmas Eve


Description:Daisy and I really had a wonderful and romantic Christmas Eve. We got a surprise and didn't know how to react it. Daisy brought me to somewhere, we ran hand in hand towards the destination. Daisy told me that the Jesus usually regards the proportion of your wealth you donated, rather than the actual amount.

Story:At the Christmas eve, I wandered around outside myself at night. Luckily I met Daisy. We eventually had a romantic moment.

Daisy and I are the same type of people, we have got very few friends, most of people are unable understand us. So, it was good to spend time with her. 

Do you want to know what did we do?

I felt Daisy was excited too when she met me. She just suppressed her excitement inside her heart.

Initially, we strolled along the road without specific destination. We saw a cafe where was no any customers. But I didn't believe in my eyes.

"Do you see any customers inside?" said I.

"No, no any customers." replied Daisy. "Do you want to have a cup of coffee at this cafe?"

"Yes, I want, but......"

Daisy just went straight to the cafe, I opened the door for her and I went after her. Lady first was an appropriate manner for me to be a gentleman. 

No any waiters were aware our existing. So, we took the window seats ourselves. I like sitting next to windows so that I can see the street scene. Daisy doesn't have such habit. I suspect, she doesn't care anything in the reality.

A waitress appeared finally after 20 minutes we were sitting there. The waitress felt sorry and told us all employees having a Christmas party. I said sorry for our disturbing. 

"It's fine! We are still opened," the waitress replied. "What would you like to order?"

I glanced at Daisy, she immediately got what I meant. 

"One Cappuccino and a cheesecake, please." said Daisy with adorable voice.

"Sorry! All cheesecakes, as well as any desserts are sold out."

Daisy smiled and said, "That's Okay. Only Cappuccino is fine for me."

"A hot chocolate, please," I ordered.

The waitress was taking our orders with a smartphone-like device, "One Cappuccino and one hot chocolate." She repeated our orders and we nodded. She walked away after said, "Thank you!"

I told Daisy drinking coffee at night wasn't good, she will be sleepless. Daisy smiled, "Not at all. I still can sleep. Don't worry!" She looked at me and continued to say, "Owl, you know, only kids like drinking hot chocolate drink. You still seem like a kid."

I laughed, "Yeah! A teenager with a kid heart. How lovely I am!"

The waitress came with a dish of Korean style fried chicken. Daisy said with a frown, "Sorry! We didn't order this dish."

"It's free! We are pleased to share our happiness with both of you. So, our chef made this dish for you two. Wish you a Merry Christmas!"

Daisy and I were stunned, when we faced to a surprise, we didn't know what should we say. I could just say, "Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas! You all are so nice to us."

I felt touching at that moment. Daisy and I meet a countless number of mean people everyday. This was our first time to feel of caring. 

The dish of Korean style fried chicken was very delicious, every piece of chicken was juicy, outside was crispy and soft inside. I regret I didn't learn much vocabulary words for depicting food. I am unable to fully describe how tasty the fried chicken was.

Daisy took a sip of my hot chocolate, she said, "Your drink is tastier than mine." I tried her Cappuccino, "Well, I like it." Thus, we exchanged our drinks.

"Owl, I know where should we go." said Daisy with adorable smiling face.


"I don't tell you but I will bring you there."

We finished the fried chicken, as well as our drinks. Then, I beckoned the waitress for paying the bill. Daisy and I said, "Thank you so much and Merry Christmas" with our sincerity.

Daisy held my hand to run and run; we were hand in hand, running on the street. I had got back the familiar childhood feeling.

Finally, we arrived a church. I took a glance at my watch, it was about 11:30pm. A lot of christian there.

"What are they doing?" asked I curiously.

"They are joining a  midnight mass for the birth of Jesus Christ." replied Daisy.

I thought I was quite naive, I really knew nothing about Christian.

Daisy taught me how to make a prayer, blessing the world to have peace and joy. Then, we sat in the midnight mass. I observed a tradition and most proper way to celebrate Christmas.

I liked to sit in a church where I found silence and peace in my spirit. I don't know why, the feeling of fear has been in my heart since I was 3. At that moment, I had no such bad feeling at all.

Although I knew nothing about Christian, I still remembered, "It is more blessed to give than to receive!" So, I put few coins into the donation box. Daisy donated $50. I felt guilty to donate such a small amount. I wanted to give more, but I really had no anymore money I could donate. Daisy told me, "Don't worry, Jesus usually regards the proportion of your wealth you donated, not the actual amount."

That night on the early of a Christmas day, I couldn't sleep at all. Daisy's Cappuccino made me stay awake to keep thinking of her. I wished Daisy could have a nice dream after drank my hot chocolate drink.


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