Owl Adam Diary

This Little Creature Likes Reading


Description:This little creature never tears off even one single page of my books. I let Poodle read, it's not a big deal. Some people would say, it is impossible for a dog or a fox to understand any words. What's the point to let Poodle read? It's all about enjoyment!

Story:Last night, I was reading the Probability Maths book at the backyard until midnight. I consumed too much brainpower to make myself tired. So, I fell asleep unconsciously.

I loved to do reading on the roof of the house for that little creature at the backyard. You know why, I felt unable to breathe when I stay at indoor for too long time.

Are you curious to know what is the little creature? This little creature's name is Poodle. You may think Poodle is a fox, because it has a pair of upright triangular ears and the head is also in triangle shape. It has an orange coat. Poodle must be a fox according to its appearance. No! I don't think so. Poodle's barking sound is absolutely the same as a dog. So, what is this little creature? I don't know.

I first met Poodle in the winter 3 years ago. This little creature was still an adorable baby. It appeared in the backyard unexpectedly. It strolled around the backyard, looked like seeking something interesting. When Poodle caught sight of me, it was excited to jump and run to me, cried to me with a puppy voice.

I told my parents to see this baby fox. My parents tried to approach it, Poodle was very friendly to let them touch. Poodle's face was like smiling at that moment.

My parents worried Poodle's dad and mum were finding this baby fox just around our home. If Poodle was a fox, its dad and mum must also be foxes. Foxes might attack people. Therefore, keeping Poodle at the backyard was dangerous for us. My dad also thought, we couldn't call police, the police must catch Poodle to some animal welfare association. This kind of associations kills abandoned dogs and cats if no any people are willing to adopt them in a certain period.  So, my parents and I had no idea to handle it. My dad decided to cycle around the neighbourhood if any foxes were around. He wore a pair of heavy boots, took a not so long wooden pole for self protection. Then, he left home. He came back after 1.5 hours. My dad didn't speak anything, he just went to lay down in the sofa directly. He was exhausted. His face was pale, his hands and legs were trembling. What happened? My mum and I worried a lot. Eventually, my dad could speak after took a short rest. He said, "It's pretty tired to cycle around for 1.5 hours. Don't worry, no any foxes around." Hey! He should do exercise regularly.

At that night, we put Poodle at the backyard. Next morning, dad decided to build a house for this little thing. Poodle suddenly barked. We all were shocked, because we heard a dog barking sound. "Is this a fox or a dog?", we wondered! Mum said, "Should we take this little creature to see a vet?" So, mum and I took Poodle to see a vet. The vet also didn't know Poodle was either a dog or a fox.

"A dog or a fox? it's not a big deal, as long as this little creature is kind and will not bite anyone.", said I.

Since that night we met each other, Poodle has been living with us. I feed this little creature with dried dog food that it likes so much. Poodle doesn't hunt anything that would move, it scares moving things, even a plastic bag blowing by winds. What would Poodle actually hunt? Grasses and my slippers, that's all. 

It was around a year ago, I found Poodle like reading my books. Poodle may just imitate me to do something. Luckily, this little creature never tears off even one single page of my books. I let Poodle read, it's not a big deal. Some people would say, it is impossible for a dog or a fox to understand any words. What's the point to let Poodle read? It's all about enjoyment!


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