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Ai-teacher replaced Miss Polly - Chapter 11


Description:Miss. Polly is a young and pretty teacher with adorable voice. I believe, she must have got many boyfriends. I like looking at her lovely face and perfect body shape, but I really dislike the way she teaches us.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

I always call the teachers as speaking-machines. Do you know why? Miss Polly was the history teacher, she taught us in the way like that:

"Everyone, follow me to recite the content. Once I stop, you all repeat what I've just said. Alright...

'The Fall of France', It is now your turn." said Miss. Polly. Then we recited, "The Fall of France"

Miss. Polly would smile, "Excellent! Let's keep on. 'In May of 1940, Hitler began a dramatic sweep through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.......'" 

It's very boring. We are Form.3 in secondary school, not primary school.

"Underline from 'This' to 'France'. 'This was part of a strategy to strike at France' it is very important, you all need to memorise it." said Miss Polly.

How important it was? She didn't explain. 

What's the purpose of learning history? Miss. Polly answered once long time ago, "We need to learn from the past events in order to understand what is happening today."

Miss. Polly is a young and pretty teacher with adorable voice. I believe, she must have got many boyfriends. I liked looking at her lovely face and perfect body shape, but I really disliked the way she taught us.

In the last lesson, I raised up my hand to ask, "What's the best way to learn history?" Miss. Polly was excited to say, "Good! I like aggressive students. I appreciate to have you here. Memorise the date and what the protagonists did, all are extremely important for preparing your exam. You also need to give your own opinions. Many students are afraid of giving opinions. Actually, If you can imagine what would you do if you were the protagonist, you are able to answer a question entirely in the exam."

Thus, my belief of learning history is barely for taking the examination. The examination is barely to test your memory and imagination, as well as writing skills.  All schoolmates, including me, realise that it is a most boring and useless subject.

Today, Miss. Polly has been replaced by Ms. Ai-history as expected. A machine is able to speak out the content of a chapter straightly without any mistakes. I really can't find out even one reason why our school teachers are not replaced by Ai.

I usually lie down on my desk to take a rest in History lesson. Miss Polly woke me up and blamed me several times. I explained to her that I don't fall asleep, but this posture is good for me to get concentrated on the lesson. I can memorise everything you teach. She didn't believe me initially. I required her to permit me lie down on desk, and gave me a quick quiz in the end of lesson. Miss Polly did what I said. Of course, I answered all questions correctly. After that, she couldn't find any reasons to not believe me.

"Should I lie down on my desk right now? I don't want to be isolated by Miss Ai-history, but I can't sit still in this boring lesson. What should I do?" This was an annoying question.

The history lesson started formally! All windows and door were closing slowly. Meanwhile, all lights were switched off instantly. "My goodness, what is going on?" all classmates were nervous. "Relax, a good show is coming!" said Miss. Ai-history with its mechanic voice.

Miss. Ai-history doesn't have a body. Its voice spread over the classroom through the speaker hanged on the front wall, that is very close to the ceiling. There is a narrow gap, about 2 centimeters wide, between the speaker and the ceiling. What is the gap for? Who knows!

The projector installed in the middle of the ceiling was illuminating a 3D image. No, it wasn't an image! It was a 3D movie. No! I better say it was virtual reality. We didn't need to wear any glasses to see the effect. A background music was fading-in. It was a high quality 3D audio surrounding from back to front; left to right. I heard a crowd of people howling a particular slogan, "liberty, equality, fraternity." 

The virtual reality appeared in the classroom. An incident of the France Revlolution was displayed for us to experience in person.

"Wow! It's an impressive learning experience so far in my life!" I surprised. We didn't need to transform words to the plots in our minds, we could directly experience the incidents happened in the history.

All classmates loved Miss. Ai-History, they really enjoyed learning history in this dramatic way. Only those isolated students were bored because they couldn't get into the virtual reality.

In the English lesson, Mr. Ai-English appeared to perform its teaching duty. Mr. Ai-English provided a difference learning way, the 3D-projected different people to talk with us and pointed out our mistakes. I suddenly had many friends from various countries.

In recess, schoolmates all talked about the Ai-teachers which gave us amazing learning experience. 

The principal came out to walk around the campus. Many schoolmates went to praise the principal. 

This time, the principal really did a great job. I was proud to be the ambassador. 

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