Owl Adam Diary

Being bullied by those two big guys is better than staying alone - Chapter 12


Description:Those two big guys were my fellows. I didn't like loneliness. The security staffs caught them out, I was alone again.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

The Ai-teachers were amazing, they turned boring lessons to be fun. Students didn't need to transform words into a series of images before they could understand the contents of textbooks. 

There was one thing Ai-teachers were unable to do on me. That is, they couldn't help me with overcoming my barrier of sitting still in classroom. I couldn't sit for more than one hour, my body would've become stiff. So, I must've gone to play basketball in recess for stretching my tightened body. 

Why didn't I play other sports? As I said before, I didn't have partners. Basketball was the only one that I could do with myself. 

I threw the ball to the hoop. Unexpectedly, I saw a punch coming towards my face. I naturally moved my head to backward a bit so that I dodged the punch. Then, a big guy fell down on the ground. The two big guys were there again. One was standing with stunned face, another one was lying on the ground. 

I was an ambassador of the Change, assigned by the principal. There was only one ambassador, that was me. It was a great fame in the school. Unfortunately, this fame didn't deterred these two big guys to assault me. Why did they assault me? They didn't allow me to play basketball, with no any particular reasons. The two big guys attempted to expel me out of the basketball court. I revolted. So, they were trying to give me punches. This is a familiar scene happening almost once a day. 

"Bi...Bu...Bi...Bu...Stop bullying...Bi...Bu...Bi...Bu...Stop bullying..." a siren sounded suddenly. 

"Stop bullying," is it warning students to stop bullying, or, informing the security guards to go to stop bullying? Which one? Both. It should be. 

The two big guys ignored the warning, they were too excited for expelling me, it was a funny game for them. Thus, nothing could get into their ears.

Four security guards with batons were running to catch both big guys out. "No, don't catch them...!" I shouted at the security staff, "release my companions!" Of course, the security guards didn't listen to me. I was lonely again.

"Is there a school or prison?" thought I while I was staring the four security guards to take those two big guys to somewhere. 

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