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Boasting is nutrient, they cannot live without it - Chapter 13


Description:Every time they get pride and satisfaction, their faces would alter a bit. I noticed that one of the "pretty girls", a wrinkle on her face has grown longer, another one has got a new wrinkle. The father's mouth have become a bit wider since...

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

The battle game with those two guys was destroyed by security members. Therefore, I went to the library where is my shelter. I sat in my private seat for having a daydream. That seat is usually available for me, no anyone else would occupy it. The school library is well-designed, I don't understand why students who don't like to visit there.  

I heard some strange sound, as if there were people sitting next to me.

"You are so beautiful! My adorable sister."

"Haa...haa...you are beautiful too. We are the most beautiful girls in the world!"


Girls? I can't see any girls! I only see two middle-aged women there. Also, I can't find any beautiful females.

The so-called beautiful girls are laughing as loud as great thunders, spreading over the forest. A crowd of squirrels are jumping from tree to tree, until vanished in the neighbourhood of the wood house that the sisters and their family are living in. A pair of pythons is also scared by their laughter, they are creeping on the meadow to escape as quick as they can. This pair of pythons should be a couple. They are going ahead into a dark hole for hiding themselves. After then, the dark hole is changing the shape from oval to two thick lines instantly. The two thick lines are rising up from the meadow.

"Well...well...well...I am still hungry!" said an enormous boy. 

It's incredible! The dark hole is a mouth of that enormous boy!

Although the forest is dim, I can see this supernatural scene clearly.

A laughter can be such powerful, it is entirely out of my imagination.

The enormous boy is going inside the wood house.

"Dear my lovely aunties, you two are the most beautiful babies in the world!" said the enormous boy.

This time, three of them are laughing together. Besides animals escaping, there are around six or seven trees falling down. People living in the nearby urban city, who can hear the noise as well.

The enormous boy's father seems like a normal guy, who is cooking at the kitchen. He suddenly says, "Hey, listen! I have already had dinner at a very nice restaurant, but I am still cooking for you all. Am I a great man?" 

The "beautiful girls" and the enormous boy don't dare to speak anything. They should be aware of  the father who is holding a kitchen knife in his left hand. The father should hate silence, so, he is shouting madly, "AM I A GREAT MAN?" 

"Yes, yes......" the enormous boy said.

"Of course, you are!" One of the "beautiful girls" rushed to say that for comforting the mad dad.

Another "pretty girl" says, "No, you are not a great man. YOU ARE THE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD!"

This time, four of them are laughing together. Meanwhile, the meteorological agency for the urban area records an earthquake happening.

Boasting seems to be a significant nutrient for this family, they can't live without it. Every time they get pride and satisfaction, their faces would alter a bit. I noticed that one of  the "pretty girls", a wrinkle on her face has grown longer, another one has got a new wrinkle. The father's mouth have become a bit wider since the "beautiful girl" said, "YOU ARE THE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD!" It may reflect that the father fully satisfied with the praise.

"Wake up! The recess is over"

"What happens?"

"Wake up! Go back to your classroom immediately!"

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