Owl Adam Diary

Lunar New Year is coming


Description:I hadn't seen any decoration for Lunar New Year yet. I had just seen passers-by in nice clothes, males held a kind of tree-branch-like plants. "It should be peach blossom," I guessed...

Story:Today, I felt something special while wandering on the street.

Initially, I wanted to take the mini-bus to a bookshop not far from my home. I saw a long queue at the bus-stop. I disliked waiting. So, I decided to take a 30-minute walk to the bookshop. I didn't walk casually for at least 9 months. I've been busy for working. So, I walked pleasantly and felt lucky to have such a good chance to relax myself. 

I felt it just around the corner. The first day of Lunar New Year is Tuesday (5 February, 2019) next week. Lunar New Year? Why I don't call it Chinese New Year? Because many other countries in Asia, such as Korea and Singapore, also celebrate Lunar New Year. Do you know why those countries celebrate Lunar New Year as well? Those countries are or were agricultural producing countries, and I believe, lunar calendar was designed for agricultural purpose. Thus, Lunar New Year is the most important festival for them. In China, people have 7-day public holiday for Lunar New Year. Few decades ago, employers offered longer holidays for their employees. Especially manufacturers, they offered a fortnight holiday, or even longer for their workers returning to their homes. Those workers were from other states. The major transport was trains. It took them a long time to travel across states. This was a reason why chinese had a long holiday in Lunar New Year season. 

I hadn't seen any decoration for Lunar New Year yet. I had just seen passers-by in nice clothing, males held a kind of tree-branch-like plants. "These should be peach blossoms," I guessed. Hongkongers' homes are small, most people are living in 500 sq ft to 1000 sq ft apartments. It is impossible for them to put a whole peach blossom plant at home. So, they would buy few bunches of it for home decoration in Lunar New Year season. Peach blossom symbolizes romance and prosperity, HongKongers believe peach blossoms which would enhance their luck of love and relationship.

I bought a lot of stationery at the bookshop. Then, I went to take the mini-bus back home. In the midway, I saw booths built on the football courts, where transformed to be a flower market for Lunar New Year. Every district has its own one. All flower markets over Hong Kong only open for few days or a week before Lunar New Year. According to my memory, all booths will close at six in the morning of the first day of Lunar New Year.  The booths mainly sell flowers and toys which related to this great festival season. 

I seldom see people smiling on the street, straight face is very common. I suspect that smiling and happy faces are prohibited in Hong Kong. Today, I saw passers-by smiling, they were full of joy! 


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