Owl Adam Diary

The atmosphere of Lunar New Year has been fading out


Description:All events are commercial and gambling activities. This so-called greatest festival is actually a festival of commerce and gambling.

Lunar New Year is a greatest season! It means the relatively silent Hong Kong arrived. Tourists from mainland China are gone back homes for their Spring festival, only few of them are still travelling here.

I don't understand why people in mainland China are celebrating Spring festival, not Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year? I guess, since China adopted both of solar and lunar calendars, there are two new years. Two new years may be confusing, so, they call it Spring festival instead of Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year. Besides the name is different, everything remains the same.

I wandered around. Streets weren't crowded, many shops were still open. I occasionally saw some decorations for Lunar New Year. Large shopping arcades had lion dance shows to attract customers. I went to a fast food shop for lunch. Meanwhile, I thought, "Is this a Lunar New Year? No, this isn't! Something vanished."

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, I stayed at home, watched the night parade on television. It was good event, but I couldn't feel the Lunar New Year. It was just a commercial show.

Today is the second day, the large firework show displayed in the sky upon the Victoria Harbour. The duration time was about 20-30 minutes. It was great. Audiences liked it so much.

Tomorrow will be the third day, the big event will be horse racing......

All events are commercial and gambling activities. This so-called greatest festival is actually a festival of commerce and gambling. 


Gifts From The Devil or God

19-March, 2019

Description:The smartphone and video game are so evil to harm people. These are gifts from Devil. No, they aren’t. The evilest thing is people who don’t have good self-control...



17-March, 2019

Description:One drop, two drops, then countless drops of rain falling down on the ground. Johnson was all wet in the rain, but he didn't go inside the house. He was excitedly jumping in his paddy field. Johnson was no different from a child at that moment...



14-March, 2019

Description:Since I was a kid. I started to find my way to escape from reality. Initially, I escaped by watching cartoons on T.V. Until I was 10, I liked watching movies more. I found both of them could not fully satisfy me for some reasons, so, I tried to read novels. Once I was caught by the magic of novels, I couldn’t rip out of reading.



13-March, 2019

Description:Recreational fishing is also an activity for having fun by killing lives. The fish catchers drag the fish out of the water to the land, the fish catchers seem to be enjoyable while looking at the fish struggling distressingly.