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The Three Programming Languages


Description:Learning these three programming languages don't enhance your opportunity to get a good software development job. Additionally, you should have Mathematics, Commerce or relevant knowledge.

Learning a most useful programming language is a stepping stone for entering into the I.T. industry. So, which programming language should a beginner learn? In U.S. and U.K., the number of jobs for software developers is increased significantly. The job commonly require developers who are skilful in Java, Javascript and Python. Java can build cross-platform software, as well as Android apps. Furthermore, Javascript is useful for developing web apps and Python is frequently adopted for Ai and Machine Learning developments. Learning all three programming languages is easy, but it doesn't mean you can get a good job with an above average salary. There are some more requirements which you need to fulfil.

Java is the most in-demand programming language. Java can build cross-platform software, this means, you develop a software that is able to run on MS Windows, Linux and more. The main reason for the number of Java development jobs increased significantly is, companies eager to build Android apps for implementing their business strategies, in order to maximise their profits. Suppose a fashion retailer who rolls out a smartphone app, it is not only a good way to keep in touch with their  existing customers. The fashion retailer can have one more effective channel to sell products directly to their potential customers.

Javascript is the second one in high demand. When you visit a website, a dialogue box suddenly comes out to ask you for subscription, this is an example of using Javascript.  Javascript is a kind of script language. This means, the programs are compiled in run-time while a web browser is running a web-page downloaded from your website. Javascript is useful for constructing various kinds of web applications. A website needs Javascript programs to run on end-users' computers. This kind of programs is called client-side application. So, web developers must be skilful in Javascript.

Python is the third most in-demand programming language. Python is also a kind of script language, it is helpful to work with data analysis. It provides an outstanding performance to handle the tasks of Statistics, Machine Learning and Ai.

Suppose you are a beginner, you are possible to learn all three programming languages in 1-1.5 years. Javascript and Python are easy to learn. I still remembered, it took me 4 months to study Javascript myself, I barely practised it 30-minute a day. I put the same amount of time to learn Python as well. Learning Java is a bit difficult. So, I spent around half year to study it. I practised Java one hour a day. If you aim to become an Android app developer, you should learn Android directly. You don't actually need to have Java programming experience. Reversely, you will find Java that is easier to be understood after you have experience in building Android apps.

Is it really that easy to get a good software development job if I am willing to put a great effort into studying the above programming languages? No, it isn't.  Keep in mind that programming languages are merely tools, you still need extra knowledge and experience. 

In general, the following skills you should also have:

Java Developer
A Java developer who should be experienced in building enterprise oriented apps. 

Javascript Developer
If you would like to be a web developer, you are skilful in Javascript, you also need to be proficient in:
- HTML5 & CSS for web page design
- PHP for developing programs to run on web server
- MySQL database for storing website content
- SQL language for manipulating the database Relational Database Management System(RDBMS)
- RDBMS for managing a database

Python Developer
Python is popular for performing Data Science tasks. It includes Ai, Machine Learning, Big Data, Statistics. Machine Learning is a subset of Ai, therefore, I just mention Machine Learning only.

Machine Learning 
If you would like to work on Machine Learning, you should learn:
- Python scikit-learn
- Python Theano
- Python Keras

Plus, you should be able to execute the tasks of predictive and statistical modelling.

Big Data
If you would like to work in the field related to Big Data, you should learn:

- Python Data
- Python Panda
- Python PySpark

Plus relevant knowledge. 

If you would like to work with Statistics, you should learn:

- Python

Plus educational background related to Statistics.

Being a computer programmer or software developer, the programming knowledge is an essential thing, but other educational background is important. Therefore, I always advise young people to take a bachelor degree with major in either one of Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, Banking and Finance and minor in computer science. I believe, if young people who possess a good knowledge of Mathematics or Commerce, plus knowledge of computer programming, they will have a wide-range opportunity to work in any fields, software development is included, but not restricted. 


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