Owl Adam Diary

Ageing Clothes Travelling Around The World


Description:Everyone treated my old clothes as rubbish. No, they weren't. They were clean and warm, they were worth to wear. People only evaluate the worth of a thing according to its brand and price. not the quality or condition.

Looking at a pile of old clothes, most of them I didn't wear anymore. I decided to donate them to a charity. I washed, dried, and folded them carefully. I put them into a large red-white-blue nylon bag one by one. The bag was heavy, I used up all my energy to move the nylon bag into a cab. A driver blamed me wasting his time, but he didn't lend me a hand.

After arrived the charity, I showed the staff my old clothes. The staff frowned her eyebrows, "We don't need them!" said the staff. "You should keep them for yourself."

"I have already had a lot of old clothes," said I.

"You try to donate them to another charity. We don't need used clothes anymore!"

I took out my phone to call a cab again. I moved the nylon bag hardly into the cab. The driver blamed me wasting his time, but he didn't lend me a hand. I took a glance at the driver, the same driver in the same cab, the same passenger with the same nylon bag. As if, I went back to the starting point. "That's alright! Just do it again from the beginning."

I arrived at another charity, I showed the staff my old clothes. The staff showed her contempt, she said, "We don't accept any worthless things! People in poverty also have self-esteem."

"The clothes are worth to wear even they are old!" replied I.

"So, keep them for yourself!"

I took out my phone to call a cab again. I moved the heavy nylon bag into the cab, The same driver said, "Stupid guy, wasting money and time to dispose rubbish improperly."

"They are not rubbish!" said I

I went back home, gazing at the red-white-blue nylon bag. I took 6 of old clothes out, went to donate them to homeless people on the street. The homeless people rejected to accept. One of them said, "Although we are poor, we'd have self-esteem! We don't accept rubbish as a donation. You see what I am wearing! All are famous brands which I found at refuse collection points." 

I replied, "all are clean and warm although my old clothes are not famous brands." 

He looked at my phone, showed me a despise, "Keep them for yourself. I am using an old iPhone, but you are using an old not famous phone. You are poorer than us"

I insisted all my old clothes that were not rubbish, they are clean and warm. So, I decided to sell them at a flea market. 

I categorised them into Japanese style, European style... and wrote the style on a A4 size paperboard separately. A price was put on the top of each paperboard. A business must have a name, so, I named my business "Ageing Clothes Travelling Around The World". I wrote the business name on a rectangular paperboard, and put it in front of my old clothes. All were sold out in 2 hours. I eventually earned a good money that was more than my monthly salary.


Gifts From The Devil or God

19-March, 2019

Description:The smartphone and video game are so evil to harm people. These are gifts from Devil. No, they aren’t. The evilest thing is people who don’t have good self-control...



17-March, 2019

Description:One drop, two drops, then countless drops of rain falling down on the ground. Johnson was all wet in the rain, but he didn't go inside the house. He was excitedly jumping in his paddy field. Johnson was no different from a child at that moment...



14-March, 2019

Description:Since I was a kid. I started to find my way to escape from reality. Initially, I escaped by watching cartoons on T.V. Until I was 10, I liked watching movies more. I found both of them could not fully satisfy me for some reasons, so, I tried to read novels. Once I was caught by the magic of novels, I couldn’t rip out of reading.



13-March, 2019

Description:Recreational fishing is also an activity for having fun by killing lives. The fish catchers drag the fish out of the water to the land, the fish catchers seem to be enjoyable while looking at the fish struggling distressingly.