Owl Adam Diary

What topics should I write about


Description:What topics should I write about? This question I ask myself once a day. I built Owl-Story.com. It wasn't tough to work on the parts of programming and layout design. Writing the content that was a real challenge. The main purpose for me to build Owl-Story.com is for monetising. I hope this website which can bring me the second income. Therefore, I read books about writing, social network marketing and so on. I found these books are not helpful, because they teach how to write but not what to write. If I don't even know what to write, the SEO and social network marketing turn into useless. There is no anyone can tell what should you write about, it is a responsibility for a writer to explore. Fortunately, I know what topics should I focus on now.

The term writer is used in the above description. Haruki Murakami is a writer, J.K. Rowling is, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare all were writers. I can't even write a short prose well, can I call myself a writer? Emm...I need to write content for my website. I must recognise myself as a writer. If not, I am unable to carry out the writing task well. I am a beginner, but still a writer. As a writer for creating the web content, what topics should I write about?

Google's page ranking is significant important for a website. If I would like to monetise with Owl-Story.com, I must care of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) seriously, in order to reach a high ranking on Google search results. No visitors, no money. Thus, writing about popular topics is a must. But! I don't like discussing political affairs. I don't watch sport tournaments regularly. Also, there are many professional journalists writing Technology stuff. So, what can I write? I have got many strange thoughts, just transform my thoughts into stories. It should be alright, if I don't care of SEO. Do I actually write for Google or for expressing my thoughts? Which one? My answer is to express my thoughts, that's a meaningful and beautiful work.

Since I cleared my mind. First of all, I created a fictional character Owl Adam, who is a fourteen turning to fifteen years old boy. I tried to borrow Owl Adam's eyes to watch the world, let's see if the world is different. I wrote Owl Adam diary to reveal my thoughts to the reality. At that moment, I thought of that If a boy has the similar thought to a grownup, is the boy too mature? Yes, I think so. Therefore, I gave Owl Adam a high intelligence to speculate incidents happening at school. Afterwards, I tried to write about his school life. I have written the story for few months. Not long ago, I reviewed the story entirely. I found it was boring! I felt guilty to bore my audiences. I need to make a change. Actually, Owl Adam studies at an uncommon school. The story should be interesting. It just takes time for me to rewrite the inconsistent storyline. I should stop publishing until I've finished the rewriting of the whole story.

So, what topics should I write about? I didn't really know. I tried to select certain topics to write randomly. Eventually, I found, Literature, Humanity, Technology, Environment and Animal protections are my favourite topics. Therefore, I decided to write prose and short story related to the above topics. Owl Adam is the protagonist, Disney is the secondary main character in my short story.

Creating good content is a top priority. I realise that, I should pick up topics that I like. If I force myself to select hot topics to write for pleasing Google, I will write one or two, but not three. 


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