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Let AI Take Boring Jobs, Humans Take Challenging Jobs


Description:AI and other kinds of advanced technology are taking over existing jobs, it is the fact. Employees will probably notice a significant impact in 3 years. What should we do for responding to the evolving technology? Don't expect your employer who will give you the training to fit the changing environment. This expectation isn't down-to-earth. Generally, we need to learn new knowledge and skills ourselves actively and strengthen Mathematics. So, we can take challenging jobs.

The technology is changing the world rapidly. Employees are frequently worried about their jobs will be taken by AI and other kinds of advanced technology. It is actually happening, just you don't realise it yet! The demand for certain traditional and manual jobs will decline. Instead, new skills will be required to suit the new workplace environment. How soon will the new impact arrive? You will probably be aware of the significant change in 3 years. Employees should get equipped to respond to the new impact.

I have recently read a CNBC news which mentions a report from the Microsoft and the International Data Corporation. It tells that there are 80% of business leaders in the Asia Pacific believe the burgeoning technology will transform the way their companies operate in 3 years.

According to the news, there are 15% of employees believe AI will not affect their jobs. The news doesn't explain why those employees have such a belief. Suppose, they are cleaners, drivers, construction site workers, chefs, service staff and so on, they will likely have less impact on their jobs in the foreseeable future. Otherwise, I can't think of what kinds of jobs will exclude from the impact of evolving technology. Professionals in any fields utilise AI and advanced technologies to enhance their performances. Even in the legal industry, the technology takes over the menial and repetitive tasks, let lawyers concentrate on critical thinking work. Barristers can also save more time on document searching for case studies.

Furthermore, 77% of employees expect that their employers provide new skill training for responding to the changing environment. I don't think their expectation is down-to-earth. It's not difficult to notice that, many AI, Machine Learning and Big Data courses are available in the market, certain online courses are even free of charge. Also, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and other I.T. giants offer free or affordable online training courses from beginner level to advance. This means that there are many skilful workers with up-to-date knowledge available in the job market. Employers should have fewer motivations to invest money in providing training for their employees.

Kevin Wo, Microsoft's managing director for Singapore also says, 

"employees need to ensure they can respond to the changing work landscape.

No longer is the responsibility only with the employer, noting that many businesses are slow to reskill staff."

Businessmen are good at calculation to find out the cost-effective way. Terminating an employee who needs to be trained for fitting the new working environment, then employs a new one who has good knowledge and skills, with a lower salary. Businessmen can figure out this option which should be more cost-effective.  

If you don't learn new skills actively, you will possibly be eliminated. In my opinion, every employee should learn Python or R programming language for data analysis, plus SQL script for database manipulation. Python, R and SQL are useful and easy to learn programming languages. Regardless of your working fields, you can gain basic I.T. knowledge to conqueror the impact caused by the evolving technology. Additionally, Python and R are widely used in AI, Machine Learning and Big Data.

Furthermore, Analytical abilities, continuous learning capabilities and digital skills are essential requirements for employees. 

Since Analytical abilities become an essential requirement, it implies Statistics, Probability, Bayes Theorem, Linear Algebra and other relevant branches of Mathematics, become important knowledge.

I perceive that at least a half of all employees from different aspects, who will be actually computer programmers with various position titles, for carrying out analytical works. The menial and repetitive tasks are being taken by technology, this means, low educational background employees are being eliminated. 

Source:Microsoft says employers will look for these 3 skills as A.I. changes the workforce- cnbc.com

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