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Ask A Beggar The Way to Become Rich


Description:"Everyone calls me alchemist, " said the alchemist. "But a few years ago, everyone called me a beggar." Johnson eventually met the alchemist. "Why he looks much older than his age a lot." This question appeared in Johnson's mind. He remembered, the alchemist was about 60, but now, he looked like 80.

Ending of the Last Chapter
"My soul was rotten and my life was doom," thought Johnson while having breakfast at a street stall. He gobbled down the food, then, he went along the way to somewhere.

Johnson stopped consciously at a house, the house wasn't big but gorgeous. He took a few deep breaths before pressed the doorbell. He got no response. So, he pressed the bell again. After a while, Johnson felt in a state of utter desolation. The alchemist might not be at home. Johnson decided to come again tomorrow. He turned around for heading home. "Who....s...?" an old man voice came out suddenly from the speaker. Johnson didn't hear clearly. Anyway, he tried to say something, "Dear Mr Alchemist, may I come in?"

"Who...are...you...?" The alchemist spoke tardily.

"I'm Johnson from 9 Farming Terrace."

Johnson had been waiting so long after he introduced himself. "

Alchemist, are you there?"

No any response! Johnson was anxious, "Is alchemist sick? Perhaps, he'd passed out!"

Johnson cried, "Alchemist! Are you alright! Please...please...answer me! I WORRY ABOUT YOU!"

"Clic...k...!" the door was unlocked unexpectedly.

"Thank you, alchemist, I come in now!"

Johnson went straight to alchemist's home. The inside was pretty dark, he was impossible to see anything, even his hands and feet. A bleak feeling became stronger and stronger, it stabbed directly into Johnson's mind, it was intolerable. So, Johnson's whole body was trembling uncontrollably.

"Out...out...out...get...out!" Johnson was suddenly howling hysterically,  

The interior turned to be very bright. It was clear to see Johnson who stunned at a black bouncing thing.

"Just a cat," said the alchemist.

Although Johnson felt better since the alchemist turned on the light, he was still breathing rapidly and groaning.  In his current state, it was hard for him to speak out a word, "A...r..e.......y..ou......"

"Everyone calls me alchemist, "said the alchemist. "But a few years ago, everyone called me a beggar."

Johnson eventually met the alchemist. "Why he looks much older than his age a lot." This question appeared in Johnson's mind. He remembered, the alchemist was about 60, but now, he looked like 80. 

"Why do you visit me?" asked the alchemist. "Don't ask me to teach you alchemy. I don't know that!"

Johnson bowed his head down, then replied, 
"Mr Alchemist, I am a poor farmer. I and my wife work hard to grow rice every day, but we still live in poverty. All relatives despise us. 

My children don't have any self-confidence facing of any people, they hide themselves at home all the time. I can't afford to go travelling aboard with my wife, we have never been to other countries. My wife said that the world is big, but our world is small! She is right! My family and I are obviously surrounded by 4 high and invisible concrete walls, we can only look up at the sky for making a wish.  However, we can't jump over the walls."

Johnson looked back at the alchemist. He saw the alchemist spread out in the sofa, he was as if unconscious. "Alchemist! Are you alright?" Johnson said. He got closer to the alchemist then, he heard snores, "Zzz...Zzz..." 

"Mr Alchemist...alchemist..."

He eventually woke up the alchemist, "Ah...sorry! I am very tired. You know, I didn't sleep last night." said the alchemist. He was sitting up slowly and said, "I listened to you. You are quite poor, right?"

Johnson nodded.

"But not miserable! Mine is tragic." The alchemist sighed, "I ain't going to tell you my story. I just want to say, it is ridiculous to ask a beggar for help."

"You are richer than me now. You are not a beggar anymore!"

"Umm...you were richer than me before. Did I ask you for help, help me to escape from the hell? I just begged for money to buy food." said the alchemist with a husky voice. "I am very tired, I need to go to bed now."

Johnson replied, "I feel guilty to my family. I really desire to break the walls, make a significant change!" He knelt down and bowling so low repeatedly while saying "Mr Alchemist, I'm begging for your help with my sincerity!"

The alchemist glanced at him. "Sigh! Let me think about it," said the alchemist. "Tomorrow evening, you come with 10-cup of your best wheat." 

"I grow rice, Mr Alchemist."

"Rice...rice...Okay! You come with it tomorrow night."

Johnson thanked the alchemist then, left his home. 


Gifts From The Devil or God

19-March, 2019

Description:The smartphone and video game are so evil to harm people. These are gifts from Devil. No, they aren’t. The evilest thing is people who don’t have good self-control...



17-March, 2019

Description:One drop, two drops, then countless drops of rain falling down on the ground. Johnson was all wet in the rain, but he didn't go inside the house. He was excitedly jumping in his paddy field. Johnson was no different from a child at that moment...



14-March, 2019

Description:Since I was a kid. I started to find my way to escape from reality. Initially, I escaped by watching cartoons on T.V. Until I was 10, I liked watching movies more. I found both of them could not fully satisfy me for some reasons, so, I tried to read novels. Once I was caught by the magic of novels, I couldn’t rip out of reading.



13-March, 2019

Description:Recreational fishing is also an activity for having fun by killing lives. The fish catchers drag the fish out of the water to the land, the fish catchers seem to be enjoyable while looking at the fish struggling distressingly.