Owl Adam Diary



Description:One drop, two drops, then countless drops of rain falling down on the ground. Johnson was all wet in the rain, but he didn't go inside the house. He was excitedly jumping in his paddy field. Johnson was no different from a child at that moment...

Next day in the evening, Johnson packed 10-cup of rice in a transparent plastic bag, carried it to visit alchemist again.

"Mr Alchemist, I am Johnson. Open the door please!"

"Johnson? Who is Johnson?"

"You have already forgotten me! I visited you yesterday morning."

"Okay! Come in"

The alchemy looked much better than yesterday. He seemed to be much younger. 

"This is a bag of 10-cup of rice for you."

Johnson handed in it to the alchemist. Alchemist inspected the rice carefully! 

"Hey! What's that?"

"What have you found?" Johnson was looking at the rice closely, "This is Weevil, a kind of bugs living in rice."

"RICE WEEVIL! The bugs have already told you we-evil. Why you keep evil in your rice?"

"I don't keep them in rice, but they jumped into it. You know, I gave you the best of the best rice which I have already kept for a few years."

"You wait here for a moment. Don't go anywhere!" Alchemist said, then he went somewhere.

Johnson was sitting still in the sofa, he felt bored so that he closed eyes to take a nap. His ears and noise were more sensible after eyes closed. He detected pleasant rice smell, he thought, "My rice is really in high quality." Meanwhile, he heard, "Sa...sa...sa..." sounds. He was listening to the sounds concentratedly. 

One drop, two drops, then countless drops of rain falling down on the ground. Johnson was all wet in the rain, but he didn't go inside the house. He was excitedly jumping in his paddy field. Johnson was no different from a child at that moment. He suddenly heard someone said, "Wake up baby, wake up!" Johnson smiled. "Do you want me to kiss you wake you?" He scared by the croaky voice. Johnson opened his eyes, saw a big face of the alchemist. Alchemist's eyes were staring into Johnson's. Alchemist touched his right chin gently with his left hand, "Wake up baby, come with me!"

"No! No! Don't sexually assault me! No!"

"What are you talking about?' Alchemist frowned his eyebrows together, "I just want you to taste the rice."

"Don't need. I taste it every day."

Alchemist picked up a bowl of rice, used a pair of chopsticks to hold a mouth of rice, then, sending the rice to Johnson's mouth. "Open your mouth, baby!"

"Don't call me baby anymore!"

"You looked like a baby while sleeping," said Alchemist. "Open your mouth."

Johnson succumbed eventually. He found the taste of rice was very nice!

Alchemist put the bowl of rice down on a small square wooden table. Then, he picked up another bowl of rice, fed Johnson a mouth of it. "Oh no, this one isn't good!" Johnson said.

"Good! You can distinguish the difference!"

"Of course, I am a farmer. My rice must be the best."

"But! You have just said your rice that isn't good!"

"No, it's impossible," Johnson yelled. 

"You know, the raw rice I cooked for the first bowl, that I bought from a supermarket in the city." Alchemist said, "your rice is actually not bad. Except it has Evils." Alchemist held up the transparent plastic bag, the Rice Weevils occupied 1/5 of the room in the plastic bag.

"Starting from today, you have to do meditation every night before sleep," said Alchemist. "While doing meditation, you need to speak 'How to improve the quality of my rice' silently until you have got the answer."

"I think my rice is nice! Isn't it?"

"You think so because you grow it. Also, you don't compare your product with others. If you really want to be rich, you have to improve its quality." 

The alchemy gave the farmer a small red pocket, reminded him to put it under his pillow. "There are 3 things you have to remember: 

1. Don't open this red pocket. Once you open it, the magic will be gone.

2. Do 1-hour meditate alone before sleep every night! While doing meditation, you need to sit in front of your crop and have self-talk with speaking silently, 'How can I improve the quality of rice.' The magic of alchemy will tell you what to do. 

3. Don't tell anyone what I taught you, even your wife!

Once you have got an answer, you come back the next day in the evening. The process may take you more than one month to complete."

The farmer promised the alchemy, but he wondered, "I want to learn alchemy, that is the one I can turn anything into gold. Why do I need to figure out how to improve my rice's quality?"

"I am now teaching you the alchemy of agriculture. It is for turning any kinds of the crop into gold. Do you still want to learn it?"

"Of course, I want!"


The Loser in The Battle

25-April, 2019

Description:Memory is funny, it always shows me some plots in my mind without prior notification. Because of a part of memory, I decided to find Gavin’s father. Let’s see if he is doing well. While taking the long haul train I saw a girl playing a game on a tablet. Harmful things are always hidden, they are not easily detected, they can only be felt with spirits. However, once you touch a harmful thing, your spirit is gone.


Humans, there are one less!

23-April, 2019

Description:I first met that student 2 years ago. That day, he came to my tutorial centre, he burst into tears and said, “Please, please help me! Everything is very difficult for me!” “What’s going on?” I was curious to know...


Laziness brings you to become an inventor or computer programmer

21-April, 2019

Description:Are you a lazy guy, but you still care about the quality of your works? If yes, you have the characteristics to become an inventor or computer programmer.


Monsters hid in the nice scene of Takamatsu piers roaring enormously. It was really scary!

11-April, 2019

Description:"Are those monsters suffering pains? They cannot endure anymore, so, they were roaring loudly. What will they do if they are able to escape from their current place? Will they do something to harm the world in return?"