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Being Locked (1)


Description:The real stories occurred in public housing are much more terrible than the ghost stories. Ghosts don’t actually harm people, but people would harm one another.


Public housing estates always have plenty of ghost stories. The dim and long corridor on each floor of public housing buildings is an excellent background for the ghost story. The strange residents are protagonists.  

The real stories occurred in public housing are much more terrible than the ghost stories. Ghosts don’t actually harm people, but people would harm one another.

There was an elderly woman living in a flat of the public housing estate. “Kill you all, a son of a bitch! Burn your home...” That elderly woman shouted it day and night. Who did the elderly woman exactly curse? A single mother and her child lived in the opposite flat.

The elderly claimed, “The single mother often takes men home. The men would trespass into my home to rape and kill me! That’s why I hate that woman.” The elderly took a deep breath and continued to say, “I need to curse her so that the men don’t dare to come to assault me! That single mother was too abominable! ”

The elderly woman was around 70, she had got loosened face skin, all hair was grey. She also lost 4 front teeth. Who would’ve attempted to rape her?

The single mother who was around 30, she looked nervous about the elderly woman’s behaviours. Her son was nervous too. “Will she really burn our home?” the child asked his mother. “Hope not!” the mother answered.

“Mom, why don’t you report that to the police?”

“The police can’t help before she actually does something to hurt us!”

“Once that old woman burns our flat, You and I all die. Then, we don’t need the police to help anymore.”

“If it really happens, the police will come to send our dead bodies out of the flat. Then, they will investigate who does the crime and arrest the culprit.”

“This means, the police doesn’t actually help us! They just handle the crime. I am feeling hopeless and disappointed with the police.”

“The police just gets the job done according to a set of procedures. It’s similar to the computer getting works done according to a set of programs.”

The single mother’s hands were trembling uncontrollably while she used the left hand to touch the son’s head gently. “Don’t worry! We live together and die together!” the single mother said. She tried hard to speak with a pleasant voice, “Have you already finished all homework? If yes, we are now going to have dinner. I cooked sweet and sour pork!”

After the single mother and her son had had dinner, the son took a bath and the mother washed dishes. The son went to bed at about 10 o’clock and the mother went to sleep one hour later. 

In the midnight, the son woke up the mother anxiously. The mother opened her eyes immediately, she was afraid of something really happening. “What’s going on?” the mother asked.

“I heard some strange sounds,” the son said that with the inner voice.


The mother indicated the son to keep quiet. She concentrated to listen. Eventually, she heard, “Bang~Bang~ Ting~Ting~” sounds. The mother got off the bed, walked lightly to the door of the flat. She was sure the sounds were from the elderly woman’s home. “What the hell?” the mother thought that to herself. The mother comforted the son, “Don’t worry, nothing happens.” After then, she took the son back to the bed.

“Mom, sleep with me, I am afraid!”

The single mother hesitated for a while, “My child is already 8-year-old, should I sleep with him. But, in this situation…...” She took off slippers, then went to the bed to sleep with the child.

The single mother couldn't fall asleep. “‘Don’t worry!’ I hate to say it. I worry a lot but no anyone comes to help us!” the mother was thinking, “What can I do? Should I go to find a social worker or the district councillor tomorrow?” Suddenly, she found her child’s hand was caressing her breasts gently, her nipples became hard. This was an embarrassing moment, she suppressed her moaning, used her hand to stop him kindly. “......A mother’s breasts and body can give a child feeling safe and warm…...I understand that.”


The Loser in The Battle

25-April, 2019

Description:Memory is funny, it always shows me some plots in my mind without prior notification. Because of a part of memory, I decided to find Gavin’s father. Let’s see if he is doing well. While taking the long haul train I saw a girl playing a game on a tablet. Harmful things are always hidden, they are not easily detected, they can only be felt with spirits. However, once you touch a harmful thing, your spirit is gone.


Humans, there are one less!

23-April, 2019

Description:I first met that student 2 years ago. That day, he came to my tutorial centre, he burst into tears and said, “Please, please help me! Everything is very difficult for me!” “What’s going on?” I was curious to know...


Laziness brings you to become an inventor or computer programmer

21-April, 2019

Description:Are you a lazy guy, but you still care about the quality of your works? If yes, you have the characteristics to become an inventor or computer programmer.


Monsters hid in the nice scene of Takamatsu piers roaring enormously. It was really scary!

11-April, 2019

Description:"Are those monsters suffering pains? They cannot endure anymore, so, they were roaring loudly. What will they do if they are able to escape from their current place? Will they do something to harm the world in return?"