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Being Locked (2)


Description:The single mother was arguing with the social worker fiercely, “The elderly woman alleges to kill us every day and night. This is already a piece of good evidence!” "Hey, hey, hey, you better control yourself! A bad attitude doesn’t help to solve your problem.” The social worker said with her flat voice,

In the next day morning, the single mother found a social worker, “The elderly woman threaten to burn my home, I and my son worry so much. Could you please help me!” The social worker seemed to very concern about the single mother’s situation. The social worker asked her the living address and tried to check who lived in the opposite flat. Afterwards, the social worker said, “Well, I know that elderly woman. My colleague has been following up her case. The elderly woman is suitable to live in the society.” The social worker adjusted her glasses and continue to say, “A wonderful society consists of acceptance and toleration, not a complaint. You should change your attitude to that elderly woman.”

“She has threatened to burn my home!” said the single woman.

“Has she actually done something to hurt you?”

“No, not yet!”

“So, you don’t have any evidence to accuse her to threaten you. The elderly just frequently has self-talk.”

“Can you guarantee that she will not hurt me and my child?”

“No anyone can guarantee that. A criminal could be a good guy before committed to a crime. Anyway, it is improper for us to judge and accuse anyone without evidence.”

The single mother was arguing with the social worker fiercely, “The elderly woman alleges to kill us every day and night. This is already a piece of good evidence!”

“Hey, hey, hey, you better control yourself! A bad attitude doesn’t help to solve your problem.” The social worker said with her flat voice, “As I said before, the elderly woman hasn’t done anything to hurt you. She just has self-talk. We can do nothing at this moment.”

The single mother was upset to hear that. She stood up and left the social worker’s office. What could she do next? She decided to find the district councillor.

The single mother arrived at the district councillor’s office, she saw 10-20 people encircled the office. 

“That elderly woman is quite disturbing…...”

“We couldn’t sleep at night…...”

“Why did she hit the pan and metal pots last night?”

“She told me before, she needs to defend herself by making noise. Otherwise, the ghosts would go to kill her.”

“Mr Councillor, you must help us!”

The councillor spoke nothing, he just frowned eyebrows. He seemed trying to find an answer. 

“Mr Councillor, we are all anxious. We don’t know what will she do!”

The councillor opened his mouth, “Sigh! I understand your circumstances, but she has done nothing so far!” He shook his head few times, “I can do nothing at this moment.”

“She makes noise in the midnight. This action is already illegal!” a neighbour said.

“Why didn’t you call the police?” the councillor said.

“I called the police, they were helpless.” another neighbour said.

“Helpless? What do you exactly mean?” the councillor said.

“The police officer said that the noise wasn’t over the legal restriction.”

The district councillor pondered a moment, then said, “This means, the elderly woman did it legally. What do you all suppose me to do? The elderly woman doesn’t commit to any crimes! We need to accept and tolerate different people in our society to make a better relationship with each other.”

Every word from the district councillor's mouth was floating into the single mother’s ears. 

 “it is improper for us to judge anyone without evidence.” the councillor’s speech stimulated the single mother to think back what the social worker said. The district councillor also said, “The elderly woman doesn’t commit to any crimes.” The single mother agreed with the speech “Acceptance and Toleration are significantly important to build a good relationship.”

Since then, the single mother tried to treat the elderly woman friendly. She smiled to the elderly woman every day, tried to talk to her. The single mother believed a friendly attitude could change the relationship. The elderly woman totally ignored the single mother. Sometimes, the elderly woman seemed to be scared of the single mother.

One day, the single mother went back home, when she was opening the metal gate of her flat, the elderly woman opened the door. The single mother smiled and turned around, she wanted to say hello to the elderly woman. The single mother felt a strong pain on her forehead suddenly, then, she was out of conscious.

The single mother was aroused by pains on her head, face, arms, legs…...She discovered a thick rope tied her in a chair tightly, her body was bloody. Her blood was floating down from her body onto the floor. “Stop it!” she shouted at the elderly woman with her weak voice. The elderly woman didn’t stop, she stabbed to the single mother wtih a knife. The single mother used her last power to make a move. She begged the elderly woman not kill her.

“You’ve recently tried to approach me. I know, you have an evil plan behind for assaulting me!” said the elderly woman furiously.

“No! I have no reason to hurt you. Release me please!”

“I have the ability to listen to what you talk to those men!”

“Who are those men?”

“You still don’t admit to having an evil plan!”

Bang~ “Drop down your knife!” the police force broke into the flat to rescue the single mother. 

“Drop down the knife!” 

The elderly woman stood behind the single mother, the knife just touched the single mother’s neck. The police didn’t dare to get closer. While the elderly woman was waving up the knife to stab to the single mother, a police officer shot at the elderly woman unexpectedly. She lied down on the floor silently.

A reporter from the current affairs T.V. program interviewed the social worker for this tragic incident. The social worker told the reporter, “We have already arranged a home visit for the elderly woman next month.”

“Is your response too late.” asked the reporter.

“No. We handle this case properly according to the set of procedures.” said the social worker.


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