Owl Adam Diary

Enjoying My Destined Life


Description:Different people have different lifestyles. I have the freedom to choose mine. It is no good or bad, only suitable or not. I was lucky to find it. I hated to meet any friends and relatives, they were too annoying. Once I met them, I would’ve run as fast as possible to escape from them. I laugh at slaves of wealth, they assume I am mad. I don’t care, there is nothing for me to care for!

The birds were tweeting loudly, but people’s talking and walking sounds were noisier than the birds. I was unwilling to open my eyes, I still wanted to sleep for a longer time. Unfortunately, I had no choice, I had to wake up at 6 every morning. I struggled to sit on the ground, opened my rucksack to take the food out. I had got a roll of bread and a bottle of milk for my breakfast. Although I had two French-style beef steak, they were only enough for lunch. Thus, I had no choice, I needed to find my food tonight.

After I had had breakfast, I went to take a bath at an indoor sports centre. I wore clean clothes and put dirty clothes into my rucksack. Then, I brushed teeth, tidied up my hair and shaved moustache. I was a clean homeless guy. Thus, I washed my clothes twice a week. Today was a washing day. So, I had no choice, I head bowed down again for seeking coins on the ground for paying the washing cost at a self-service laundry. Luckily, I found 5.

“What can I do after washing clothes?” I thought to myself. I hated to work for money, I didn’t want to be a slave of wealth. I just wanted to do something I loved to do, I could spend all of the time to enjoy my life. I felt amused when I just sat at the edge of the pavement, looking at passersby rushing to work. They paid effort in exchange for money, they were merely the money-making machine. How silly they were! I often laughed at them, they always assumed I was mad. I didn’t care! There was nothing for me to care for, except I met friends and relatives on the street.

“Are you Tom?” 

Once I heard someone calling me my name, I walked as fast as possible. I really didn’t have time to entertain any friends and relatives. 


A person appeared in front of me to block my way! 

“I don’t know you!” I said.

“You have already forgotten me!”

“I don’t know you!” 

Then, I tried to walk away from that person. However, I moved left, he moved left; I turned right, he turned right to prevent me to leave. 

“Get Out!” I yelled angrily.

The person had no reaction to my anger. He took out his wallet, got a photo out and showed it to me.

“It can help you to recall the memory about us.”

The photo was taken at my secondary school. In the photo, four students were smiling. One of them was me, another one of them was the person in front of me right now.

“Tom, don’t run away! You are my forever friend.”

“I don’t want to see anyone.”

“Should we go to have a drink?”


“Okay, I don’t compel you. Anyway, I wish to meet you again in the near future.”

I ran as fast as I could to escape from that person. I really didn’t want to see him again. That guy wore a set of Armani suit, a Rolex watch on his left-hand wrist, his feet were in Burberry leather shoes. He must be now an executive in a public listed corporation. We are in different worlds.

I  strolled along the road, I didn’t know where was my destination and what I loved to do. I felt my body became very heavy, as well as my heart. Anyway, it was the reaction after I had just met familiar people. I didn’t know how long I had already been walking.

The sky was dim, the street turned to be dark. It was about the time for me to search for food. The trash bins located at restaurants’ back doors were a buffet for me. I could get beef, pork, sausage, ham, bacon, vegetable, fruits, bread, drinks for free. Some waiters and waitresses were very kind to reserve residual food for me and other homeless guys. The customers paid for the expensive dishes at such high-class restaurants. I ate the same things without paying even a penny. How stupid they customers were!

Some people were shouting. I wandered my eyes to search for what happened. I saw an action movie was showing! Two guys were fighting. The thinner guy hit another guy’s head with a wooden pole continuously, he had got seriously injured. The thinner guy really wanted to kill that guy. 

“That guy dared to steal the fried chicken from the leader!”

“Yeah! He is too silly to do that!”

This kind of action movies was shown almost every night, I got bored with it. I went to a convenience store to buy a beer. Then, drinking with strangers on another street. The people were talking about the current affairs, I occasionally expressed my own opinions to them in my heart. I felt much better while drinking beer. I liked staying with drinkers on this street, they were rich. So, I head bowed down again to seek money on the ground carefully. Drinkers frequently dropped down banknotes and coins on the ground. I could find $100-$200 dollars a night if I was lucky enough.


The Loser in The Battle

25-April, 2019

Description:Memory is funny, it always shows me some plots in my mind without prior notification. Because of a part of memory, I decided to find Gavin’s father. Let’s see if he is doing well. While taking the long haul train I saw a girl playing a game on a tablet. Harmful things are always hidden, they are not easily detected, they can only be felt with spirits. However, once you touch a harmful thing, your spirit is gone.


Humans, there are one less!

23-April, 2019

Description:I first met that student 2 years ago. That day, he came to my tutorial centre, he burst into tears and said, “Please, please help me! Everything is very difficult for me!” “What’s going on?” I was curious to know...


Laziness brings you to become an inventor or computer programmer

21-April, 2019

Description:Are you a lazy guy, but you still care about the quality of your works? If yes, you have the characteristics to become an inventor or computer programmer.


Monsters hid in the nice scene of Takamatsu piers roaring enormously. It was really scary!

11-April, 2019

Description:"Are those monsters suffering pains? They cannot endure anymore, so, they were roaring loudly. What will they do if they are able to escape from their current place? Will they do something to harm the world in return?"