Owl Adam Diary

Fate Is in Your Hand


Description:I have got a bad fate, so, I have got a bad thought to take me to reach hell. You have got a good fate, so, you have got a good thought to bring you to reach success.

(Part2 of Enjoying My Destined Life)

I eventually went back to the heart of the world-wide famous financial centre. In the day-time, financial workers were working crazily for money. In the evening, they all were gone to pubs for drinking until passing out or even passing away. So, this financial centre was a silent place for me to sleep. There was a dark corner just next to the stock exchange centre, where I woke up in this morning. I spread out 3 carton boards on the ground. Then, I laid down on them to sleep.


I was scared by the voice, “What the hell!” I had no more energy to run away. That person I met in the day-time, who appeared in front of me again. He was actually my schoolmate Peter. In the afternoon, Peter was in a set of Armani suit, a Rolex watch on his left-hand wrist, his feet were in Burberry leather shoes. He was now in torn clothes. He looked completely different. 

“What the hell! Don’t disturb me please!”

He unexpectedly took off all of my clothes and put a set of new ones on me. 

“I would like to bring you back to 18 years ago.”

“18 years ago? We were 12.”

“Yeah! You see, I am now no different from 18 years ago.”

I stared at him! What he was going to do, I still had no ideas!

Peter said, “We studied at the same secondary school. I was a poor student. I didn’t even have money for buying lunch. Luckily, I had a friend who shared his lunch box with me every day. That friend was you.”

“I don’t want to recall the memory. Don’t force me, please! Please!”

Peter took out a music box in his torn bag. I remembered that bag he used as school-bag. He turned the mainspring for several times. Then, he put the music box down between us on the ground. The music box was his birthday gift from me, it played the theme music of Spirited Away, it was a Japanese cartoon movie. We watched it at my home. Peter’s family was extremely poor. 2 adults and 3 children lived in a 120 sq-feet subdivided flat. His family could barely afford to buy a 9-inch television and one portable radio at home. Peter didn’t have any chance to watch Japanese cartoons, besides T.V. showed them. So, I frequently invited him home for watching them. 

Peter smiled at me kindly, “I listen to this music every day. My best friend gave me this music box as my birthday gift. I will never throw it away.“ Peter looked up into the sky, he sighed. “When you knew I lacked some things, you must’ve shared yours to me. When I didn’t understand the homework, you were the one who immediately came to help me without hesitating. You could understand everything instantly, but I needed to take a long time to learn a bit of new knowledge. You helped me a lot, thank you so much!” Peter looked sadly, “There is one thing I can’t understand. Why did you give up yourself suddenly?”

Peter looked into my eyes, his eyes were full of tears.

“I didn’t, I never gave up myself,” I replied.

“You’d refused to learn anything since that day. I still remembered it was the 1st of January in the year 2000. The new century just commenced,” said Peter. His voice became husky obviously.

“I just wanted to start a new life!”

“New life? You destroyed your life, you know!”

“I am now living happily! My lifestyle is just different from general people’s.”

“You know, I’ve been living unhappily after that day. Previously, I always imagined that we could be a pair of good partners, to win avaricious businessmen from all over the world, in this famous financial centre.” Peter was speaking agitatedly, “Now, you go so far as to sleep here every night! I can’t believe it, it’s hard for me to believe the fact. ”

“We are from different worlds.”

“From that day on, I kept away from you. I hated you in the same way that you hated learning. Tell me, please! What made you totally changed suddenly?”

“It was about...”

“About what?”


“What…! I’ve never expected you to say that!”

“I had no choice, it’s my fate!”

“Tell me more, please!”

“I started to play the popular video games on my smartphone since the new century started. At that moment, I enjoyed a lot! Afterwards, I defined a meaningful life is to do things I like, not I need to.”

“So?” Peter was full of curiosity, “It’s not about fate!”

“I have got this thought because I have this fate. If not, this thought will not go into my mind.” I frowned my eyebrows, “You have got a good fate. So, you have good thought to bring you to reach success.”

“I merely want to know how high I can reach!”

“You see, you always think positively!”

“That was what you always said to me! Don’t you remember?”

“I’ve forgotten everything since that day.”

Peter kept silent, he must’ve thought, it was all about laziness, I only wanted to fulfil my self-satisfaction, but not willing to pay even a bit of effort. Yes, I confessed! I just wanted to do something I like, it made me have no opportunity to do anything I like in the rest of my life!

I didn’t know when I fell asleep. After I woke up, he had already gone. He left me his name card and a piece of paper, “Call me if you want to make a change! Fate is in your hand!” 


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