Owl Adam Diary

Do Not Confuse Me with Fallacy


Description:I've found that bastards like using fairness and logic to confuse people. The teacher entirely ignores the need of each student! A giraffe is same as a monkey? A planet rises in the east must be the sun?


What's logic? Don't ask me, I don't know! Although I don't know, I still have a capacity to distinguish whether a speech is logical or not.

I've found that illogical bastards like using terms of fairness and logic to confuse people.

A teacher always emphasises fairness, she treats all students fairly and logically. The teacher loves arranging students to sit at different desks periodically. She believes that it's a fair arrangement. Every student has a chance of sitting in the front and back of the classroom. The teacher recognises that she does it logically. Therefore, a short student has a chance to sit at the back. That student can't see the blackboard, because tall students sitting in the front to block the short student's view. This arrangement significantly affected the short student's learning. Is it fair? The teacher answered "Yes! I treat everyone equally to sit at different positions in the classroom." 

After the midterm examination, the short student's exam results dropped seriously. The teacher blamed the student and labelled that student with "Bad Student". The student argued with the teacher, the teacher said "Bad students have bad examination results, you have bad results so that you are a bad student!"

The teacher entirely ignores the need of each student! A giraffe is same as a monkey?

Also, the statement of "Bad students have bad examination results......" it sounds like the sun rises in the east, so, a planet rises in the east must be the sun. Actually, the moon and all planets rise in the east!

That teacher doesn't make the arrangement for students neither fairly nor logically.

Some people like saying that:

A good guy also occasionally does bad things;
A bad guy also occasionally does good things.
Thus, you shouldn't have any bias against bad guys.

The above statement seems to tell me there is no neither good nor bad guy.

Indeed, no anyone can judge a guy who is good or bad without details.

If a good guy who throws a piece of rubbish on the street carelessly, can we immediately define the good guy does a bad thing? What if a good guy who shoplifts at a supermarket, can we still define the guy is good? I think I better say a good guy can turn to be a bastard suddenly.

I belief that we can find out the result of the "good guy or bad guy" with calculation according to the proportion(doing good/bad things) and weight(significance of the thing). 

Anyway, don't be confused by fallacy!


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